History of the Baseball
Official American League Base Ball Guide

History of the Baseball’s Official American League Base Ball Guide is the first and most comprehensive collector’s guide for identifying, dating, and pricing Reach & Rawlings Official American League Baseballs. This guide identifies every baseball used in professional American League baseball games from 1901 to 1999. Each page in this guide showcases a ball in remarkable, high-quality professional photography, showing all stamped panels, as well as the original box. These changes are accurately traced chronologically and go through the American League of Professional Base Ball Clubs. Each page is dedicated to a specific ball and time period, and highlights even the smallest of changes, including the Presidential stamping, logo changes, stitch type and count, materials, and branding differences. Some of these baseballs are so rare that only one or two are known to exist, and this guide contains photographs of even those most rare of baseballs.


This guide is shipped via USPS Priority Mail-Flat Rate Envelope. Delivery time for the guide is usually 2-3 days, order to door.

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